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LED Bulb Manufacture​
LED Light Raw Material Supplier
Electronics Component Importer
FMCG Processing/Supplier
Software/Web Design

We Supply LED Raw Material like, Surface Mount Device (SMD), Metal Core Printed Circuit Board (MCPCB), Housing, Diffuser, Tools and machine, Body of different lighting equipment. electronics component etc in all over india.

We have Manufacturing unit of LED Bulb Tube light, Flood Light, Decorative Light in name of FinLux and Yugo. We can also manufacture in name of your name if required.

We also deals in electrical and electronics equipment, like TV, AC, Refrigerator, Mixture grinder, Kitchen appliances, Home appliances, Customized equipment, Automation etc


Top 5 Selling Raw Material

FinLux DOB 9Watt Bulb (Standard)
FinLux DOB 9Watt Bulb (Premium)
FinLux HPF 9Watt (Premium)
Finlux Inverter(ACDC) Bulb 12Watt
Yugo 9Watt Inverter (ACDC) Bulb
Top 5 Selling Raw Material
DOB 9 Watt – Full component
IC Based Driver 9Watt (HPF – 125lm)
IC Based Driver 12Watt (HPF – 110m)
RC Based 8Watt Dom model Bulb Set
9Watt ACDC Bulb Raw Material
Product to be launched very Soon
Ceiling Fan
Wall Fan
We Deals in